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28 Nov 2010 Active Imagination’s Three Requirements

My main purpose for exploring Active Imagination is to develop it as a technique for use with writing fiction. I’ve found that I have to satisfy the following three requirements to have a successful Active Imagination session. You should have … Continue reading

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25 Nov 2010 The Mandala

Tonight I woke in the middle of the night and saw that the Iris of Time had quite a lot of activity. I watched the moving shapes of light but could recognize no distinguishable images. Then a rather large blotch … Continue reading

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22 Nov 2010 MidLife Issues: A Dream and Active Imagination

Early this morning I woke from a dream. I was again back in engineering. Our company had just conducted a test, which failed, and engineers from NASA were there to find out why. My boss was briefing NASA on the … Continue reading

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08 Nov 2010 Ramblings on the Nature of Consciousness

[The first part of this post was written during the evening just before sleep, typing with the lights out. I cleaned it up during the next few days, and provided the exact quotes from the sources.] A few days ago, … Continue reading

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06 Nov 2010 New Problems – More Questions

I’ve had another family interruption that makes it difficult to engage myself in Active Imagination. Of course, you should keep in mind that I do this not for therapeutic reasons but to investigate how Active Imagination might benefit authors of … Continue reading

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