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30a April 2011 Gospel of Thomas

[This is another of my posts that I saved in draft form but never published. Thankfully, my WordPress blog software saved the date it was put into draft form. I’m not sure why I never published these. Probably just didn’t … Continue reading

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30 Apr 2011 Interaction Between Recalling Dreams and Active Imagination

02:30 am. I have noticed lately while trying to remember a dream that my powers of creativity want to participate. As I see it, this is Active Imagination actively supplementing the memory of my dream, creating content to flesh it … Continue reading

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29 Apr 2011 Another Young Woman

08:45 am. Just woke from a rather amazing dream. It started out as sort of a miss direction dream with me back in high school starting a beginning algebra class. The instructor was quite young. He sat in a chair … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2011 A Woman with Freckles

05:00 am. Just had a dream about a woman with a beautiful dusting of freckles across he the bridge of her nose and cheeks. They small round dots, dark brown. She was a rather bosomy woman with a light yellow … Continue reading

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24 Apr 2011 Home Invasion

04:00 am. I just woke from a c dream about a home invasion. I had moved from one part of the country to another with my parents. We had unpacked, and it was nighttime. My mother was tired and went … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2011 The Author’s First Novel

[Might want to reference my chapter in Novelsmithing titled “The Psychology of Creativity” before reading the following.] I’ve been reading Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy, and last night I ran into the following quote: The “personal unconscious” must be dealt with first, … Continue reading

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19 Apr 2011 The Man Who Was All Head

05:15 am. I’ve been having a long somewhat discontinuous dream for a significant portion of the night, or so it seems. It started out with me being with a three or four business associates on a business trip. Evidently we … Continue reading

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18 Apr 2011 War Again

03:40 am. I’ve just had another war dream. This time, we were living under an armistice, a cessation of hostilities that had existed for some time. But someone, a disgruntled soldier, manned one of the cannons pointed into enemy territory … Continue reading

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14 Apr 2011 Owls and Butterflies

03:30 am. Sometime during the night, I dreamed that I was back at the old farm where I grew up, or at lest some place similar because the layout of the place wasn’t the same. Off to the west, the … Continue reading

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13 Apr 2011 The Dead Girl

3:30 am, I just woke from a dream about a girl who had died, and someone, perhaps her parents, wanted her back. She’d been buried a long time, or perhaps partially cremated. They took what was left of her and … Continue reading

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