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31 May 2010 Dreams

For the last few years, I’ve been writing on a massive work that I call Tales of the Mythic World. It is about forbidden knowledge and how it comes to us. Last night I had a couple of dreams, dreams … Continue reading

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28 May – The Active Imagination Process

I have a conflict. I want to learn about Active Imagination, and yet I’m apprehensive that I might copy the content of someone else’s sessions into my own. I’m highly susceptible to suggestion, particularly when trying to elicit interaction with … Continue reading

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Tricks and Tribulation in AI Space

All yesterday afternoon I was listless, bored. Nothing interested me. Didn’t know what to make of myself. Last night, I went to sleep without trying AI, which is unusual for me. Just wasn’t interested. Fell asleep immediately but woke an … Continue reading

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More Encounters within the Unconscious

I’ve decided to try to contact some of the personages that I’ve spontaneously encountered the last few weeks during AI sessions and dreams. During the night, I start the following session, typed realtime: I can’t see anything yet, just blackness. I do … Continue reading

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Analysis of the Active Imagination Process

Some time in the next few days, I hope to document my thoughts on Active Imagination and writing fiction. But for now, I’m concentrating on the Active Imagination process itself. Jung also has a lot to say about AI vs … Continue reading

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More Difficulties and Successes with Active Imagination

I’ve had a couple of dreams in the past few days. Probably a lot more, but these two are all I remember, and I can remember only parts of them. In the first dream, I was aboard a bus. The … Continue reading

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23 May Why a Change of DomainName?

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve changed the domain name and thus the URL for this Active Imagination website. [Was] This is a permanent change, so I thought maybe you’d like to know what precipitated the change. … Continue reading

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Cutting Active Imagination a Little Slack

[The following occurred on 22 May. I posted it a day late.] I’ve been having difficulty getting Active Imagination to work for me. I’m been staring off into oblivion with my eyes closed, and nothing happens. Realize that Active Imagination … Continue reading

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Getting into Active Imagination

(I tried Active Imagination this afternoon but didn’t get anywhere. Instead, I wrote the following to help me remember what I have discovered about myself relative to this process.) I’m not very far into the Active Imagination process, but I … Continue reading

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Chasing Down the Pythia

I received the Active Imagination DVDs from the Asheville Jung Center (AJC Seminars #3 and #4) a few of days ago, and I devoured them that afternoon and the next morning. They were a little different than I expected. Four … Continue reading

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