06 Oct 2010 The Dwarfs

I wake at 11:41 pm. Not that late. I’m feeling antagonistic this evening, and instead of Active Imagination, I want to argue with myself. Might take a minute or two to get my bearings before I open the Iris of Time. I’m also not feeling so chipper. Not sleeping well. Don’t remember my dreams, any dreams, if I had them.

Okay, now I open the Iris of Time. I see just blackness with little variation, not even the points of light. I no longer see the little light flitting around in the dark. I haven’t seen it in some time. I focus in close. Nothing changes. I imagine someone coming into my bedroom a while I do Active Imagination and killing me with an ax. I’m really morbid this evening. But then I had an afternoon nap. Gets me every time. I feel the presence of Dram, the Unicorn, tonight. She seems particularly agitated, as if something is in the air. I’m not sure what sort of threat she and the Centaur anticipate that they would have her with me all the time. One must not be cavalier about having a Unicorn for protection.

I keep catching a glimpse of dwarfs in a forest. They see to be coming to eat off a wood table before me. Dwarfs and some half-dwarf creature that peaks over the edge of the table to grab a morsel of food and then slinks back out of sight. He has a large human nose. Strange creatures about. Now it is shifting, and I don’t like the direction things are taking because it seems dangerous. Dram comes in closer. I’m too tired tonight to experience much, or so at least I’m afraid. I have difficulty getting out of myself, my ego. I hear the tootling of pipes, a part of a tune. “Go on and take your shoes off,” I hear someone say. Of course, I’m in bed, so I have my shoes off. Is she speaking to me? Or someone else? Sometimes I wait so long for something to happen that I’m exhausted by the time something does, and I can’t follow the action long enough for it to become meaningful. Ah, the little light again, but more diffuse this time, as if from behind a ridge in the distance. Lots of shape shifting now. Light in the center, large light with black curtains pulling together around it. Light increasing in size till in encompasses the entire Iris. A large black spot has grown in the center of the light. It’s like an island in the ocean, but the island seems a large corpse of something dead. I see a road with a white line disappearing into a tunnel. I am so tired now.  I close the Iris. 12:20 am.

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