31 May 2010 Dreams

For the last few years, I’ve been writing on a massive work that I call Tales of the Mythic World. It is about forbidden knowledge and how it comes to us.

Last night I had a couple of dreams, dreams that were finally easy to remember. As I’ve mentioned before, my dreams lately have seemed to be hidden behind a wall. In the first dream, I was going to college, taking a class, and I had a seat, couple of seats on a sofa, I believe, that were designated for me. When I went to them, two young women were in them, books stacked were I usually sit, and they were working at a computer on a table in front of the sofa. I told them that they were my seats, and one of the women started moving her stuff while the other continued to work at the computer. I was talking to them about people who take others’ seats, but realizing that there were not enough to go around.

I’m not sure if I started to wake up or if I was still dreaming, but I started trying to help them with their problem. We were talking about infinite series [math], and they had to demonstrate that one was infinite but was bounded. I said that the ancient Greeks did this (and now the conversation shifted to multiplication) with geometry. I showed them on a piece of paper how they used dots in one direction, say four, and dots perpendicular to that direction, say four, and then filled in the rows and columns, and then counted the dots to explain that four times four was sixteen.

I woke then and was trying a little Active Imagination, when I saw my mountains with the bright light behind them [see here], and they started moving around. The bright light became larger and took up almost all my field of view. Then it decreased in size and moved around again. It stopped moving and the image dissipated. I then remembered my book Tales of the Mythic World. In that book, I’m currently investigating the origins of Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion. Sometime ago I realized that Newton’s F=ma equation seems to have a close connection to alchemy, which occupied much of Newton’s time. He was actually much more of an alchemist then what we think of today as a scientist. Multiplying two quantities together to get a third seems like alchemy to me. When the ancient Greeks multiplied numbers together, they were always of the same type quantities, I believe. Yet in Newton’s equation, m = mass, and a = acceleration, are of totally different types. I’ve wondered what is this multiplication process that it can transform two types of quantities into a third? That third is a force. This seems to me like the yin-yang that is called the Tau, which is a practice that came out of Chinese alchemy. My dream seemed to be a result of my Unconscious trying to help me with this problem.

My other dream was about a bird on a wire that was having difficulty because it had a large bug on its head. It fell off the wire, and some man went to it and knocked off the bug, and the bird went on its way. Then a woman standing beside the street at the edge of her garden also had a problem. I was talking to her, when I noticed a large object, a large snail, in her hair. I took off the snail and thew it into her garden. She didn’t want me to hurt it, and I said that I loved snails. The snail was large, looked like a flower and had been somehow affecting her brain. Then the dream ended.

I had another short dream where I was back home in Chowchilla looking across the field into the neighbor’s where they had several hired hands working. Something happened and one of them was hurt. One piece of equipment ran over another, I believe, and a man was killed. An ambulance arrived, and they worked on him for a long time, and then they brought out the crushed car, removed him onto a stretcher and were putting him in an ambulance. And then the dream ended. Although this dream had several connections with my previous day’s activities, I believe these connections are unimportant and simply a mechanism for transporting the information my Unconscious is trying to reveal to me.

I am only documenting these dreams. What significance they might have relative to Active Imagination is something I’ll have to think about. At least now I have them down in my blog. The process is what is important. Must build that bridge to the Unconscious. Interpretation is secondary.

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