Excursion Goals

So why am I doing this? Of course, my first objective goes beyond developing skills to write better fiction. To delve into the workings of the Personal and Collective Unconscious is not a trivial matter. I’m currently living the second half of my life, and it makes sense to me to address some of the deeper issues that concern life here on planet Earth. I still have questions about myself and what motivates this effort. I have no pressing problems that need solutions. But it is more than curiosity concerning Active Imagination.

Why put this excursion on the Internet? This is a crucial question. Is it all ego? Is it a quest for validation? Is it vanity? Surely, all these issues are a part of it. And if I didn’t have an overriding purpose that dwarfed these, I would stop and erase all I’ve presented on the blog. I asked myself these same questions while writing Oedipus on a Pale Horse. My answer is that it seems like a very human thing to do. In the world today, we are stripped of the personal in public by virtue of our mostly private lives indoors at our computers. We develop a persona and show it to the real world, a very limited world, without reference to the struggles that make us human. But now, by virtue of the Internet, we have an opportunity to share some things about ourselves within the virtual world, things that are at once deeply person and essentially a part of the struggle that reveals us as human beings.

I don’t expect this experiment to be finished within a month, a year, or even five years. I expect it to span the rest of my life. I expect the dialogue with what has been until now the hidden part of myself to go on as long as I live. Why should it stop? I believe we experience a part of this process all our lives, but Active Imagination provides a mechanism through which we can come to know ourselves better and to live more fully. Perhaps I’ll find out that I should give it up, but if that doesn’t happen, I proceed to the end.

I do believe that my life situation has also played a part in me determining what I put out to the public. I have two kids, but no grandkids. I want to pass along some things, particularly things that might help someone get past some of the more trying times in life.

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A Personal Excursion into Jung's Active Imagination.