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20 Jun 2012 Novel Rough Draft Revisions

Now that I’ve completed the rough draft of my vampire novel and gone through it once quickly copy editing, I can see that it really is rough and has major character problems. None are really fleshed out except for my … Continue reading

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14 Jun 2012 Stark Images from the Unconscious

I thought I would provide a little more information about my ability to see stark images while practicing Active Imagination. I want to preface this by saying that I am only looking for images and not going in with a … Continue reading

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07 Jun 2012 Investigating Jung’s Transcendent Function

As everyone who frequents this blog realizes, I’m using Jungian psychology to develop a process for writing novels, which I plan to publish as a companion volume to Novelsmithing. After spending two years experimenting with Active Imagination and practicing it … Continue reading

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