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22 Jun 2010 The Old Man, Again

Okay, I want to see the old man again, so unless you stop me with something else, I’m going to try to talk to him. I visualize his “cell” where we met last time, the window into the west. He’s … Continue reading

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18 Jun 2010 The Old Man

I stare off into blackness when I catch a glimpse of a face. It’s an old man, and then I see him once again, just a face. I can’t talk with all these women, he says. Why not, I ask. … Continue reading

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17 Jun 2010 Voices in the Dark

[I consider the following Active Imagination session a failure. I tried it this morning about 3:30 just after I woke. Reading it over now, I believe it has more content that I thought at the time, but still no cigar … Continue reading

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16 Jun 2010 The Cross Lady

In my previous post, I forgot to mention another vision that came after the Active Imagination session and before sleep. It happened so close to the sleep state that I didn’t bother writing about it, assuming I could reconstruct it … Continue reading

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16 Jun 2010 Dance of the Arms

[The following Active Imagination session occurred at 1:30 this morning. I had the lights out and wrote it real time using my Macintosh Air. I had to turn of the keyboard backlight. I have included some of my associations that … Continue reading

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15 Jun Resurrecting Only the Dead

[The following is one dream, probably of many that I had during the night. I wrote it down immediately afterward but could not remember the others.] I’m at a college somewhere looking through old books. I know that I’ve been … Continue reading

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11 Jun The Sun Crumbling

I’ve not had much success with Active Imagination lately. I’ve not been very motivated, but when I did try, nothing happened. But my dreams have seemed to take on a new character. I had a dream about a tame Bengal … Continue reading

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6 Jun One Love, Our Love – One World, Our World

Very tired this afternoon. Went back to bed to rest. Fell asleep for a short while. Woke and started an AI session: I’m alone in darkness when I sense something, someone move past me. She comes back, up close. It’s … Continue reading

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My Struggle with Active Imagination

A little personal history: Back in 1973, I started reading the works of Carlos Castaneda. I got into his writing when Journey to Ixtlan, his third book, was published. The Psychology Today Book Club ran an article on him, and … Continue reading

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3 June 2010 Vivid Images & Documentation Difficulties

This morning I woke and starting an Active Imagination session before getting out of bed. I didn’t have anything in mind to focus on, and thought I’d just see what popped up. From the beginning, my field of view seemed … Continue reading

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