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31 Oct 2010 Cross-Dressing

[Update: Last night after each dream, I tried to reenter the dream to duplicate the vivid imagery of the previous night. But I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t get back into the dream nor could I see any more … Continue reading

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30 Oct 2010 An Impostor and a Vivid Street Scene

I didn’t actually have an Active Imagination session last night, but I did have a couple of occurrences. The first was a dream about my mother who passed away on Oct 12, 2010. In the dream, I walked up to … Continue reading

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29 Oct 2010 Theos

07:00. I’ve just had an Active Imagination session, and for the first time, I’ve chosen to not make all of it public. Instead I will provide a summary of those portions of what I experienced that I believe are appropriate … Continue reading

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26 Oct 2010 I’m Not Myself

I seem to be strangely untethered now in my dreams, ever since my mother passed away back on October 12th. She’d had Alzheimer’s really bad for the past few years, and her passing was somewhat anticipated, although as they say, … Continue reading

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24 Oct 2010 Two Dreams

Just after 22:00. Thought I’d open the Iris of Time and see if anything happens. It’s been a while. Just blackness with a little unevenness in lighting. No color. The little white light is not here either. I try to … Continue reading

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08 Oct 2010 The Pythia and Writing Fiction

Waiting for my eyes to adjust to the lights being out. Can’t get that picture of Summer Glau out of my mind. Need to make room for images from the Unconscious. When I’m tied to this world, emotionally tied to … Continue reading

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07 Oct 2010 More Ruminations About Active Imagination

I thought I would give The Anointed One another opportunity to talk to me. (As if he is the one who wants me and I not him.) Anyway, I open the Iris of Time. I’ll see if the people I … Continue reading

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06 Oct 2010 The Dwarfs

I wake at 11:41 pm. Not that late. I’m feeling antagonistic this evening, and instead of Active Imagination, I want to argue with myself. Might take a minute or two to get my bearings before I open the Iris of … Continue reading

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05 Oct 2010 The Anointed One

03:30. For the first time, what you read below is something that I had grave questions about posting on the Internet, as you will see, for several reasons. It happened just like all my other Active Imagination sessions. I opened … Continue reading

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04 Oct 2010 Spontaneous Appearances

Just about to get to sleep, my head firmly placed on my pillow, when I hear someone beating at the door trying to get in. He shakes the whole house. Of course, it is someone one from my Unconscious. Then … Continue reading

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