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28 Nov 2010 Active Imagination’s Three Requirements

My main purpose for exploring Active Imagination is to develop it as a technique for use with writing fiction. I’ve found that I have to satisfy the following three requirements to have a successful Active Imagination session. You should have … Continue reading

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27 Nov 2010 Primordial Time and Zoë within Active Imagination

A couple of things about Active Imagination. First concerns definition, specific features, of beings viewed within Active Imagination. The second concerns time and its relationship to Active Imagination. Let’s take the second first. From my experience so far, it sems … Continue reading

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25 Nov 2010 The Mandala

Tonight I woke in the middle of the night and saw that the Iris of Time had quite a lot of activity. I watched the moving shapes of light but could recognize no distinguishable images. Then a rather large blotch … Continue reading

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22 Nov 2010 MidLife Issues: A Dream and Active Imagination

Early this morning I woke from a dream. I was again back in engineering. Our company had just conducted a test, which failed, and engineers from NASA were there to find out why. My boss was briefing NASA on the … Continue reading

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21 Nov 2010 Images – Dreams – Decisions

This morning I woke early, but my MacBook Air has a bad hinge, and I couldn’t use it realtime to type out my session. Perhaps it wasn’t a session at all because I didn’t talk to anyone. But I did … Continue reading

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08 Nov 2010 Ramblings on the Nature of Consciousness

[The first part of this post was written during the evening just before sleep, typing with the lights out. I cleaned it up during the next few days, and provided the exact quotes from the sources.] A few days ago, … Continue reading

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06 Nov 2010 New Problems – More Questions

I’ve had another family interruption that makes it difficult to engage myself in Active Imagination. Of course, you should keep in mind that I do this not for therapeutic reasons but to investigate how Active Imagination might benefit authors of … Continue reading

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