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17 Aug 2011 Jungian Novelsmithing – Psychic Processes

To conceptualize the novelsmithing process using Jung’s Active Imagination, I first suggest a graphical relationship between the conscious mind and the Unconscious. It is a big brother, little brother graphic with the big brother standing over the smaller little brother … Continue reading

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15 Aug 2011 My Mystery Project

Okay, I guess I should come clean about this mystery project of mine, or perhaps at least come partially clean. Yes, I’m working on a new novel, and I’m using Jung’s Active Imagination, or my creative writing version of it, … Continue reading

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14 Aug 2011 Making Einstein Laugh

Last night, I had another curious dream. Seems I was working with some members of my family packing my belongings because I was moving again. I picked up an old textbook on dynamics that I had used while getting my … Continue reading

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