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26 Jan 2013 The Practice of Active Imagination

Lately I’ve been writing on my book about how to use Active Imagination for creating fiction. I’ve specifically been dealing with how to come up with ideas for a story. Then last night I was reading from Jung on Active … Continue reading

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20 Jan 2013 Jung’s Reluctance to Publish The Red Book

A speculation concerning Jung’s ambivalence, both the desire and reluctance, toward publishing The Red book. I have frequently, within these posts that now document both my dreams and Active Imagination sessions over a two-and-one-half year period, discussed the reluctance of my … Continue reading

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19 Jan 2013 More on Method

Last night I was awake in the middle of the night reading Jung’s The Red Book, A Reader’s Edition, and I came across a more concise description of how to initiate Active Imagination, specifically how to produce visions: You only … Continue reading

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18 Jan 2013 Two Dreams

I’ve had a couple of significant dreams lately. The first occurred a few nights ago. I have been resisting writing it down, but this evening the urge got the better of me. It concerned a full-grown male lion. It had … Continue reading

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