25 July 2010 Pan – the Goat God?

I woke last night and had a short period of insomnia. While awake thinking, my mind just rambling, I suddenly saw an image of a strange creature. It was just his head, but it was shaped somewhat like a goat’s head. I immediately thought of Pan, the ancient Greek goat god from whom we take our work “panic.” He was looking straight head as if he was watching TV, but turned so that I only saw his face in profile. He ignored me although I believe he knew I was looking at him. He was unconcerned with me, or at least that was what he wanted me to think. I tried to hang onto the image and ask him some questions, but as happens so many times with these images that occur during the waking state, I couldn’t. He disappeared, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Sometimes I think that these people appear to me as a premonition of what is to come. It’s as if they are encouraging me to stay with this Active Imagination process, and someday we’ll share some time together, but that I’m not yet ready for them.

Another thing that I’ve noticed about some of these images. Sometimes I’m looking at them and part of me knows they are there and I’m, or a part of me, is reacting to them, but my awareness isn’t focused on them, so I don’t “see” them, but then I will become aware that I am seeing them, and then they enter my consciousness. I really believe that a part of me is dealing with my Unconscious all the time, but I’m just not aware of it. Of course, as Jung says, the unconscious has a life of its own. Things are happening there, and they effect what I do during and with my life, but I’m not aware of it. It is really strange to be looking directly at something and not know it is there, and then become aware that I’ve been looking at it all along. I guess that’s why they call it the unconscious.

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