7 May 2010 – Morning

I dreamed that I was in a classroom with many other students. We were packed in. Up front, our instructor was about to pass out graded papers. Two of us had problems, me and a young woman. Perhaps we hadn’t handed in papers, which I realized was entirely possible because I hadn’t done any of the homework or attended class all semester.

Our instructor gave a special assignment to me and the young woman. He wrote our assignment on the blackboard, which was wordy and covered the entire blackboard. I was looking at a paper he had passed back to me when he erased all he had written on the blackboard. I was in trouble.

The scene changed, and we were in a banquet room. I can’t remember any more or what happened there. The scene changed again, and we were outside. Someone (the instructor?) was after us. But we had sticks to fight with. I believe he had a stick also. He was threatening us with it, but I could throw them. I warned him, but he didn’t believe I was a threat. I threw one at him, as one would throw a knife, but he caught it just as it punctured his chest. He laughed at me, but I could sense a loss of confidence. I was much better at throwing a stake than I thought I would be. All this reminded me of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer,” except no vampires. Then the dream ended.

I’m becoming curious of the young women who seem to populate my dreams. They could very well be the same person. She isn’t anyone I know in the real world. She’s rather small, thin. I never get a good look at her face, or if I do, I can’t remember her facial features. She’s just a presence.

I’ve not dreamed any more about the key given to me by the young woman in my first dream, the one to unlock the giant vault mechanism. I expect this to come up again, but so far nothing. I don’t know how to press this issue. My book (Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination as Developed by C.G. Jung by Barbara Hannah) should arrive today. Hopefully I’ll learn something about how to pursue issues, if I can at all. I’d like to get the Murray Stein DVDs on Active Imagination (see them here), but they are too expensive for me right now.

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