29a August 2010 The Unicorn at Colonus

I’ve decided to go back to the forest to find the Unicorn, but after being there for a while and not finding her, I remembered that she wouldn’t or couldn’t return there again. So now I have to find a place to talk with her again. So the question for me, I believe, is where have I run onto Unicorns of the imagination before? And the answer comes from the book I’m writing, Tales of the Mythic World. I first encountered one in the outskirts of Athens on the farm of Perikles. Perikles himself had an oddly shaped head and was a sort of Unicorn himself, or at least as I’ve thought of him. I’ve spent some time in Athens and since Athens was also the home of Sophocles, I believe that may be a good place to look for her, the Unicorn, that is. Sophocles was from Colonus which he describes in his play Oedipus at Colonus, so I open the Iris of Time there. I visited the spot in the fall of ’93. It has a small hill wherein reside the Furies. It has now a small theatre and a playground with a teeter-totter and other playground equipment. I go there at two in the morning hoping to find it deserted and the little forest is indeed dark, or at least as dark as it ever gets in Athens with all the city lights. I walk up the cobblestone walk way, into the little forest, and see the Unicorn waiting for me.

“I see you had much the same idea as I,” I say.

“I heard you calling me, and I too was anxious to meet you. I’m pleased to see that you came alone.”

“Well, you know me. Ever the loaner. I need to know why you called me a warrior, and what you actually meant by that.”

“Unicorns are protectors over of the night and guardians of wisdom. Wisdom can be twisted to cause all forms of harm, and the Unicorns try to prevent this. I won’t tell you of the adversaries because to know them and their attributes is to attract them.”

“So why am I a warrior?”

“Wait. Before I answer that, I must check my companions to ensure our safety.

She is gone for a moment, and I see her a ways away through the trees conversing with two other Unicorns, one of tremendous size. Shortly she returns.

“Why do you see me as a warrior?” I ask.

“Let’s test my intuition about you,” she says. “Do you have a warrior background?”

I think for a moment. “I did spend almost eight years in  my country’s armed forces.”

“I thought so,” she said. “A military man. Yet it doesn’t stand out as immediate that you are a man of that bent.”

“I’ve never seen myself as a warrior. I’ve always been a man of peace, perhaps unreasonably so. Yet, I felt it my duty to serve my country in a capacity that would protect its citizens. Yet, I abhor violence.”

“This is unusual. How committed were you to your time in uniform?

“I was a career officer.”

“Yet, your career was terminte terminated early, What happened?”

“My family was vulnerable to military life. I got out early because my wife was mental ill. I had two small children.”

“You gave up your career for your family?”

“Yes, I placed my family responsibilities before my military service. I felt that I could serve my country just as well out of uniform.”

“And did you?”

“Yes, I was a miitary engineer. When I got out, I went into aerospace and worked on many military projects. But I also worked on missions to the outter planets and putting human’s in space.”

“A protector in search of knowledge, one might say forbidden knowledge. And now asking questions about wisdom.” The Unicorn looks confused a moment or perhaps in deep thoght. “I was right about you attracting the evil forces of the Universe,” she said. We’ve been tracked using you, and almost caught. Seems that you’ve always been a part of us, but totally unknown to us. We need one such as yourself, and since you seeme to be already involved, will you join us?”

“If what you’ve told me is true, I may have to ensure my own safety. You know more about me than I do myself. Tell me. Am I in danger?”

“Ordinarly I would say definitely yes. But since you’ve avoided this evil for so long, perhaps you’d be safe if you turned and walked away immediately. Never looked back.”

“I’m not so sure that I have always been immune to this evil. I ‘ve had conflicts with my father that almost caused both our deaths. Is this the type of trouble you’d expect from the evil of which yo speak.”

“This evil does work from within individuals to creat great conflict, but it also works on nations. It can tear countries apart or turn nation against nation. All evil works from within. Come with us. Help us wage this battle against the forces of evil.”

“Perhaps you’ve over estimated me. I’m not a warrior. I’m never good in direct conflict.”

“Perhaps you’d be better than you think, but we aren’t just warriors. We are the cartakers of wisdom. Uou’d learn about these ‘veins of gold,’ as you call them, and not only attain wisdom but learn how to protect it from evil influences.”

“One thing does concern me. Everything that happens here in this psychic space seems to effect the external in which I live. Might I put myself as well as those I love in danger?”

“That is certainly true. And that’s the reason we do not seek out those who could help us. They must come to us. This you’ve done, and unlike so many who come to us with a burning desire to enlist in the fight, you come reluctant to engage and well prepared. But yes, it does have certain risks for yourself and your loved ones. It also can be a protection against those in your world who would use this evil force to do damage.”

“Yes, I believe I’ve already been witness to this. I became close to a woman years ago who seemed intent on destroying me. I believe she even tried to come between me and my son.”

“Then you’ve already encountered this. But you may be disappointed in what we do. We are only the protectors of wisdom. We know of wisdom and can dispense it, but the true heart of wisdom resides with another.”

“But I also have an evil force working within me, one who wants to drag me off into a world of moral darkness.”

“Oh, no! This is extremely dangerous for all of us. I must consult my master. You are already engaged in the great struggle. We have no choice but to band together if we are to survive this. Come to me again, but not so soon this time. Until we meet again.”

And then she’s gone.

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