29b August 2010 Phosphorescence and Forbidden Knowledge

After my discussion with the Unicorn, I went to Wikipedia and looked up “phosphorescence.” Seems that it comes about through energy absorbed but not immediately re-emitted as with fluorescence. Instead the energy is stored in energy states where it can only be re-emitted by “forbidden” transition-state mechanisms. Classically, these transitions states are not possible, but quantum mechanics permits a still finite possibility that the “forbidden” energy transmissions will occur anyway. These “forbidden” transitions emit the energy seen as phosphorescence.

So what does this mean relative to the Unicorn I saw in Active Imagination? The Unicorn’s presence had a glow. I took that glow to phosphorescence. But now I’ve been thinking, which is not good, but it has led me to believe that wisdom is knowledge, one might say forbidden knowledge, that has remained within the individual and is reemitted after undergoing a transformation. Therefore, the Unicorn’s glow would come from its enlightenment that comes from wisdom. As the Unicorn stated, though a Unicorn is wise, real wisdom comes from elsewhere. Perhaps I will learn of this during another Active Imagination session.

I don’t see these revelations coming from the Unicorn as being a philosophical treatise. I see them only as constituents of what the psychic forces are transporting to me that concern myself. It is all presented in a form understandable to me. I have even noticed something about the Unicorn, that maybe it isn’t really a Unicorn at all, but an artifice used by a psychic being to allow identification and repeated recognition. I say this not to invalidate what I view within my Unconscious but to put it on a footing that is more accurate within our perceived world. I do however believe this is the same Unicorn mentioned throughout recorded history. To say that it is not really a Unicorn is a poor way of putting it, but that is all I can come up with for now.

Time will tell what all this means.

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