31 August 2010 The Centaur

[I’m gaining courage with my AI sessions, and I’ve noticed a few things. First, it seems that every thing about Active Imagination is counter-intuitive. Everything we’re used to dismissing becomes the center of attention in AI. We have the saying, “That’s just your imagination.” But AI is working just and only with the imagination. What we dismiss out of hand, with AI becomes the center of attention. When I start these sessions, I wanted to wait until something came to me. I didn’t want to “make it up.” But making it up is what the imagination does. So I must both “make it up” and “let it happen.” Doing both of these contradictory principles simultaneously is what AI is all about. It’s a paradox fueled by the knowledge, according to Jung, that the Unconscious mind is there, can be accessed, and can work independent of Consciousness. I’m finding a curious mixture of the two, but I am beginning to be able to distinguish between them when I’m working with known material and when I’m pulling something, or allowing something, to appear from the Unconscious. I feel as though I’m starting to notice the inspiration as it occurs. I’ve also noticed that I want to plan ahead when I’m not in an AI session, and that when I allow myself to do this, I’m allowing material to crossover from the Unconscious. I’m not just reordering stuff in my Consciousness. In other words the AI session never seems to really end. When I’m not in a session, my work still continues and the situations I’ve been in continue to develop using Unconscious content that comes across into Consciousness.]

I’m now at the Iris. I open it and peer into the darkness. Let the AI session begin.

I’m intrigued by this search for wisdom. We speak of it as if it is a quantity, as if it can be possessed like a lump of gold, or perhaps a pocket full of money.  How can it be that a group of psychic beings are the protectors of wisdom? This interests me. So I’m going back to see the Unicorn, Dram. I’m waiting now for some indication from Dram where I should meet her. Location seems important, becoming increasingly important. I see a cave in the side of a mountain. I see her standing in its entrance. I’m not sure where this is, and it’s as if I’ve been blindfolded and take here. Probably somewhere in Greece, or perhaps I shouldn’t even speculate because that wold be giving it away to the world since these AI sessions are being made public. Again, the world of reality merging with the Unconscious. It’s a small cave, or at least initially it seems to be, but once inside, it opens up into a large cavern. (I’m creating these, making it up as I go because because I can’t describe it until I see it in my imagination. But I am rejecting some possibilities because they don’t seem to fit the situation, as if the imagination isn’t perfect and has to try things out before I know if it’s true or not.) I see activity on the otherside of the darkness of the caves interior, only now, it is a cavern. They are mining gold. I see dwarfs at work with picks and hammers, hear the ping and clank of metal against rock, a thud. I see veins of gold and silver, not a lot, but enough to understand that this really is a mine. And it strikes me that I likened wisdom to a precious metal. I think this is only the way the Unconscious has of presenting what they are really after, and it is wisdom. They are mining wisdom. But Dram points her horn along the path and we continue on into the darkness. It’s as if lights come on to expose our path forward, and then I realize that it’s enlightenment that is lighting our way inside the the cavern of wisdom. But at the far end of the cavern, we encounter impenetratable darkness. It scares me.

“Is that evil?” I ask.

“Don’t be silly,” she says. “This why we’ve come here. You’re to meet those who are wise. We Unicorns are the protectors of wisdom, but others actually possess it.”

I can no longer see where we are going. I’m still frightened.

“Don’t worry,” Dram says. I know my way through here.”

I put my hand on her flank to study myself.

“No, don’t do that,” she says.”

It’s difficult to describe what I felt with the tempory touch of a Unicorn. Like a combination of silk and electricity. Just a tingle of smoothness, but so alive and with a feel of fine short fir.

“Stop,” she says. “Wait here.” And she’s gone.

I’m now consumed with the cold. I’d not even noticed it until she left, but now I’m freezing, and yes, afraid. I feel so vulnerable.. And then I wonder why Dram had lost her glow. The glow I saw the two previous times, was absent. And the reason I’veremembered her glow is that now she’s standing before me a ways in the distance, and she does glow. Does she have control of her own glow, her physical appearance? But then I notice that she’s with another being, a dark being that seems to have an internal light, almost like a blacklight.. I have difficulty making out its form.

Dram steps forward and her glow then provides more light around the creature and I can tell. It’s a centaur, a being with the body of a horse and the upper body of a man, only this centaur is a woman. Dram comes to me.

“I’ll leave you with her,” she says. “Don’t expect too much from this meeting, this first meeting.”

With Dram gone, I can barely make out the centar, so faint is the light emanating from her, but walk toward her and stop a couple of paces away. I’ve read of centaurs in Greek mythology, how the centaur Cheiron was the most wise of all beings. He taught Jason, Achilles, and Asklepios while he was mortal, taught him the healing arts. Though a formidable creature by its unusual presence, this centaur is small, actually somewhat smaller than Dram. But a Centaur can actually speak, whereas Dram used telepathy, and this Centaur does speak to me.

“Dram tells me that you’ve a desire to learn about wisdom.”

“Yes, I want  to study it as a subject.” She smiles, lowers her head as if embarrassed. “If you’d come to me seeking wisdom about a subject I might have been able to help you, but to treat wisdom as a subject for study in its own right is puzzling to me. To look inquisitively at some subjects is to look past them, through them. Yet, it would seem you’ve com to the right place.”

“Can you tell me what it is?”

“I started your lessons in wisdom when you entered the cavern. Did you notice the gold and silver?”

“Yes, and I understod understood it as enlightenment.”

“Yes, that was the lesson. And you noticed that it comes in two forms?”

“Well, I did see both, but I hadn’t made the connection that wisdom was divided into two distinct categories.”

“Yes, it is. You might say that it is divided into male and female metals. Gold is the male, silver the female. Gold is has its fine qualities but is somewhat dimmer than silver. Such is the nature of the two forms of wisdom.”

“But how… what charactises each? How are the different?”

“I’m going to leave that question for you to answer. This will be your first assignment. Since I’ve split wisdom into the two forms, you tell me how they differ when we next meet. Now I have a question for you. Dram tells me that you may help us in our struggle.”

“Yes, but she wouldn’t tell me with whom or the nature of the struggle. I’m concerned that I would be getting in over my head. I have no experience in this psychic world, and to go up against such a formidible opponent… it just scares me.”

“As well it should.” She smiles, and I realize that she’s had no intention of me going up against this adversary. “Dram was right. You are a warrior. I can see it written all over you. But you’re not the a warrior that fights with swords, a mace, or carries one of your firearms. You’re a strategist, one who plans senarios and directs action. Plus you bring the knowledge from your world of thse things. That would be of most benefit to us. Will you help us?”

“How could I not? According to Dram, I’m already involved, perhaps already in over my head in my own world.”

“Alright then. Let’s leave it there for now. We can negotiate your mission when next we meet. Tell no one of our meeting.”

“But I already have. I’m writing of these experiences as we speak. It all goes out over the Internet as soon as it happens.”

“Oh, dear! But at least we had the foresight to cloak your appearance here. I can divulge nothing more, and must meet with my own advisors in this matter. It seems that changes in your world have produced changes in ours. This is disturbing. Dram will see you out. But do let me say before you depart that I’m pleased you’ve come to me. We encounter few seekers of widom, and even fewer yet who are students of its nature.”

And then she steps back into the darkness, and I’m alone. I turn around to walk back but bump into Dram’s sharp horn punching me in the chest.

“How did I do?” I ask.

“Okay for a start,” she says. “But I’m wondering how wise I’ve been bring you here. That revelation about this going out over the Internet certainly startled me.” She leads me back though the mine, the clank of hammers and picks, the sharp ping of metal against metal. The entrance of the cave is blindingly bright and disolves the psychic world around me, and I am back in my bed at three-thirty in the morning with my laps top on my lap staring into the Iris of Time.

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