8 May 2010 – Morning

I am currently concentrating on my dreams and delaying the daytime meditations until I read more of Encounters with the Soul. The meditation portion of Active Imagination is a process that I must learn more about before starting to engage myself in that activity. The following dream occurred seemingly over the entire time I was in bed, from about 11:00 pm to 06:30 am, as though I had one dream that lasted all night, interrupted by periods of deep sleep and later almost being awake.

It was an aerospace dream. I was at a new company. I had co-workers, but I knew none of them. The dream seemed to mostly be about a presentation at a large design review being conducted at my company. The dream was in black and white.

My big problem was that I knew no one where I worked. I was new there. The early stages of the dream were about a test that we were to execute at some test range along the East Coast. I didn’t seem to be knowledgeable of the range nor was I apparently aware that I had any particular engineering expertise. I talked to two women, who were sitting together, about the test, and they told me where the range was located. I believe they were dressed in gray business suits. They and all the people in this dream were amorphous people with no personal connection to me. I remember nothing about their faces, as in previous dreams. I don’t forget facial details; they just don’t seem to be present in my dream.

Then the scene shifted. I was in a different area of the company, and I was being given instructions on what I was to tell two people who would give presentations at an upcoming review. I don’t believe that the two people who worked for me. Seems I was some sort of liaison. I was to tell them that some of the material they were to present would not be received well by the reviewing organization. Whether it was NASA, a military organization, or some other entity, I don’t know.

Then things got confusing. I believe some of the confusion was caused by me trying to remember my dreams. I would wake partially and try to remember what I had just been dreaming, which would throw me back into the dream, and it would be extended. Trying to remember my dreams seems to be changing the nature of my dreaming process. I believe this is an important observation at this stage, because it could be forgotten as the process develops. I may not be dreaming the way a person who is not involved in this process dreams. Could be that the way I’m dreaming now has little to do with the way I dream when I’m not consciously trying to remember my dreams. This seems a little like the quantum mechanics Catch 22 where observation changes the nature of the system being observed: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

Anyway, the second round of this dream concerned my attempts to find these two individuals and tell them of the opposition from the other two individuals, who would be reviewing the information they were presenting. I was to tell them specifically how they were to respond to this criticism. But everywhere I went, I found people I didn’t know. Plus, people were busy, and I would get sidetracked. From time to time, I’d be asked if I’d found the two men and given them the instructions. Of course, I hadn’t.

I remember sitting at a table along with a few other people who were going to help me, but we kept getting interrupted, and I couldn’t seem to find some papers I needed. I had an attaché case, but when I opened it, I found a large slab of meat in a plastic container, maybe a large lock-top plastic bag. The meat was old and spoiled.

A man came up to me and asked if the two men had given their presentations. I said that I didn’t know for sure, but I believed they had. They asked if I had given them their instructions, and I tried to hid the fact that I didn’t know who the men were, and that I had talked to some men who might have been them. I didn’t know if I’d told them or not and tried to hide the fact.

I went roaming around the company campus trying to locate them, but I couldn’t’ find my way around. I got lost. I was on the outskirts of the large company and entering the edge of a residential district. I wandered back inside the company campus but was in another area that seemed more like a construction company than an aerospace company. I walked among huge construction machines that were moving earth. They were tall and narrow, and one almost overturned. The man who was driving it, fell from inside his perch and was dangling along the side of the machine, although he appeared to be unhurt. I was in the way, and they almost ran over me.

And then I woke, and it was morning.

An interesting thing about this dream is that it has a central conflict: me trying to come to terms with my bosses’ expectations of me, along with me trying to overcome how little I knew about my job. So the dream starts to tell a story and the conflict plays out, but it doesn’t have a suitable ending because I never come to terms, never resolves my situation. I could feel the frustration and confusion when I woke. If I’d fully resolved the conflict in my dream, I might have felt differently upon waking.

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