13a Sept 2010 The Rosetta Stone

I woke this morning just after dawn. At least, I could see light coming from my bedroom window. I thought I’d check the Iris of Time to see what was going on. I immediately saw a wall in front of me. It looked to be one made of either stone or cement, very smooth. It was so real that I thought I must have my eyes open, so I opened them, and the wall was gone. I closed them again, and there was the wall. I opened my eyes again. Wall gone. Closed them. There was the wall. I took a closer look. The wall’s surface contained horizontal and some vertical lines, but they were not continuous. They were broken by imperfections in the way the surface had been prepared. It did have some rectangular shaped areas that were smoother, like parallel lines and the space between them, that were very smooth. The other areas without the lines were not so smooth but still looked well-repared. It appeared as though the lines weren’t made to actually be lines, they just appeared to imperfections in the process of smoothing the stone, and the more I think about it, the more it seems to have been stone. The stone didn’t move, it was solid and stationary. I continued to look at it for a while, and then it began fading and was soon gone. And all that took its place was darkness, but the darkness was very active. I can’t remember the nature of the shapes and movement, just that the Iris was very active.

After thinking about the appearance of the stone, I’m beginning to believe that it wasn’t large enough to be a wall. I think I saw its edges. The sense I got was that it was similar to a Rosetta Stone but without letters chiseled into it. I believe the irregularities in the surface were just imperfections in its preparation, or perhaps areas worn by the passage of time. I wish I had more time to examine it, but it just didn’t hang around that long. It could have also been that the surface contained an ancient text that had faded through time, a text that was faint and I didn’t recognize.

I’m inclined to think that this was a dream, but the experience itself would say that that’s just not true. I seemed to be fully awake. I was not lucid dreaming.

I then went back to sleep, and I must have slept for a couple more hours, waking at eight-thirty when I wrote this. (Yes, I get up late, but you have to consider that I’ve been chasing Unicorns and Centaurs all night.) Before I wrote about the stone, I checked the Iris of Time again, and it was very active. Images appeared and disappeared, some religious symbols, some people. I could hang on to none of it. The psychic space I’ve cleared for Active Imagination, as instructed by Murray Stein, is beginning to come alive big time. This is more what I expected when I started this process a little over four months ago. Actually, what I’m currently experiencing is a lot more than I anticipated, and it’s much richer with life and detail. My problem, as I now see it, is to get something to engage me. Time will tell if this is just another phase that will soon fade, and once again I’ll be struggling to accomplish anything of significance. But right now, things are beginning to heat up.

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