04 Oct 2010 Spontaneous Appearances

Just about to get to sleep, my head firmly placed on my pillow, when I hear someone beating at the door trying to get in. He shakes the whole house. Of course, it is someone one from my Unconscious. Then a few moments later, someone jumps up from the sofa and runs off somewhere, I’m not sure where or even who the person is. Some really strange activity going on without me starting an Active Imagination session or even getting to sleep.

A quick image of someone carrying a man’s head by its hair. Nothing below the neck. Just a fleeting glimpse.

I open the Iris of Time and see a beautiful valley with a cliff off to the left. A masion the beach with a dog, playing. A small girl, about twenty, giving a much larger man money. I see a mottled darkness, pale splotches of light break the darkness.

But I’m just too sleepy to continue, so I drop off to sleep.

The next morning: I’m continually amazed at how these images pop out of my Unconscious. This is really a strange activity. I just wish I could hang onto some of these scenes. Why can’t I get these people to talk to me? Talking to these spontaneously appearing people would really be interesting. I wonder who they are? Someday perhaps I’ll find out. Of course, maybe I don’t want to know. Perhaps the fact that I can’t interact with them is a built-in protection for me.

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