29 Oct 2010 Theos

07:00. I’ve just had an Active Imagination session, and for the first time, I’ve chosen to not make all of it public. Instead I will provide a summary of those portions of what I experienced that I believe are appropriate for public disclosure. I’ll not reveal what entity I encountered but will give him a name, Theos. We discussed some family matters, and then I mentioned my violent fantasies. Theos related my internal conflict to my encounters with the Unicorn and the Centaur. He told me that wisdom is ever at war with violence. The fact that I’m seeking wisdom makes me vulnerable. It is the nature, he said, of the world in which I live. I am a man of the world and not apart from it; therefore, the battle I fight with internal fantasies of violence is a necessary part of the internal search for wisdom. That is why they have both been a part of me.

Theos said that wisdom does not engage in violence but instead has aligned itself with the Unicorn, a fierce beast that carries its weapon and symbol of violence on its forehead, its own wisdom forged into a spear. The Unicorn has taken upon itself to protect the Centaur and to allow it to separate itself from exercising violence, which would destroy it from within. The acceptance of me by the Unicorn and the Centaur is also an indication of my nature. I have sided with wisdom, with the Centaur. But I have also shown a propensity for the role of the warrior, much as has the Unicorn. That’s why the Unicorn was given the task of protecting me in psychic space. The Unicorn and I will work together: one in the real world, the other in psychic space, to wage the war for wisdom.

I closed the Iris of Time.

It’s difficult to describe how information comes to me during an Active Imagination session. I’m engaged in a conversation, but that only seems to be the first level of conversation. Something seems to be also going on in the background, sort of a subliminal activity that supports what’s going on up front. Plus, it seems that when I think about the conversation afterward, it expands to include more material. It’s as if once information concerning the subject has been allowed to cross over from the Collective Unconscious, it continues to dribble through, or perhaps sometimes continue to flood across into my Consciousness.

I’m not sure how to explain all this. Perhaps my years of writing fiction and non-fiction, exploring ideas, established a connection (built the bridge talked about by Jung, his transcendent function) that facilitates the process. Perhaps I now have two processes for dealing with the Unconscious: one I developed through the last forty years writing, the other I am in the process of developing through Active Imagination. I might even have a third process, which is the profoundly real images I see from time to time after opening the Iris of Time. These images seem to go beyond what is normally experienced in Active Imagination. They border on hallucinations. Perhaps they are illicit images brought forward by my own determination. I’ve been told by those there that I’m not supposed to see those things. Perhaps I try too hard at times. I’m still trying to sort all this out. The human mind is complex, and the way Jung and others talk about Active Imagination seems, at times, too simplistic to explain all that I’m experiencing.

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