30 Oct 2010 An Impostor and a Vivid Street Scene

I didn’t actually have an Active Imagination session last night, but I did have a couple of occurrences. The first was a dream about my mother who passed away on Oct 12, 2010. In the dream, I walked up to a table where several women were gathered, and on the far side of the table sat my mother, or at least so the other women said. I was so happy to see her and she me. I leaned over to give her a hug, but the closer I got, the more it became obvious that it wasn’t really her. I said to the woman, “I know you’re not my mother, but I’ll take the hug anyway.” The woman smiled broadly and hugged me. And that was that. A very memberable dream. You have to wonder why my Unconscious would want to play jokes on me. Those women thought that was really funny.

Later in the night, I woke again. This time I’d had another dream, and when I tried to remember it, I realized that something really important happened during it. So I tried to go back to sleep to recover the dream. Immediately, while still wide awake, I saw a street scene. It was night and pedestrians were everywhere with lots of street lights and light pouring out of business with people inside shopping. No automobiles. I walked into the scene and started trying to talk to people, but it seemed that although my eyes worked fine, I had no voice in that world. I couldn’t make myself heard. It seemed as though they communicated through a different means. Perhaps my unconscious has a different form of communication. The people didn’t try to avoid me. Some of them turned toward me, but it was as if they couldn’t hear me, as if they didn’t know I was trying to communicate with them. Of course, the other problem was that I didn’t know why I was there. I didn’t know what to say to them. Perhaps I should plan ahead so that if I encounter such a situation again, I can communicate with them.

The street scene was so vivid that I could have been walking down the street in Healdsburg. I’m not so sure it wasn’t Healdsburg, somewhere along the plaza. At any rate, the scene only lasted for a minute or so, and then I dropped off to sleep. Yes, I was very close to the sleep state when this occurred, but I was wide awake, which I agree is a paradox, but still, it’s true. Plus, I was not lucid dreaming. I’ve done that before, experimented with it for many years, and this was different. It’s the same phenomenon as when I see images during Active Imagination. At times, the images are so vivid that I think I have my eyes open, but I don’t.

So interesting.

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