25 Dec 2010 The Adventure

05:15 am. I just woke from a dream that I was an adventurer and going into the wild alone. I started at a high bridge over a small lake below with a stream that led down a flat area heavily brushed. I was apprehensive of jumping off the bridge into the lake because it was of a tremendous height. I was concerned about my glasses. I started to take them off and just go without them, but realized any number of things could happen that would cause me to need them. I started to put them in a case, but was afraid I’d lose them in the fall. Finally I decided to just wear them. I gathered my courage, leaned into the railing, which deformed downward (remember this is a dream) allowing me to release myself slowly.

I fell a long distance and could see the water of the lake coming up below. I wasn’t falling as rapidly as I feared, but I was also drifting down downstream much farther from the lake than I had anticipated. If I landed in the stream, the water wouldn’t be deep enough, and I could be killed. I used a technique to pull myself back closer to the bridge from where I jumped. It was as if I was using a cursor on a computer screen to pull the lake back under me. It was as if I was using a Google map. On down I went, but again I was still drifting down stream. Finally, I hit the water and floated. Seems there wasn’t much of an impact at all as I had anticipated, and I never really went under water. This concerned me so much that I tried to change the impact. It was as if I had control of the dream even though I was not lucid dreaming. Anyway I drifted down stream. The event was rather unusually benign, in that I was not afraid. I was moving rapidly with the current in and around boulders. The water was very rough. I went through some rapids, but come out okay, hardly getting submerged at all.

I don’t remember leaving the stream, but then I was walking among bushes about shoulder height. I had plenty of room to walk on flat, grassy terrain. I was afraid I might encounter animals, and I turned to see in the dark behind me flashes of some animal, dogs I found out, wild dogs, perhaps the dingoes of Australia or the wild dogs of Africa. I’d hoped they’d be friendly, but they started barking and nipped at me. There were several of them. I ran, but they could outrun me, so I turned, picked up some rocks and threw at them. I knew I couldn’t scare them all away. The dream then transitioned to a long tunnel that was carved out by men. It had branches and was very dark inside. It seemed that I was with someone. He wasn’t so sure of himself and kept lagging behind. I helped him a little, giving encouragement, but went on. With him following, I came upon an old vehicle inside the tunnel. It was burned out, just a shell remaining. The tunnel seemed as though it could have been an old coalmine. It was deserted. I looked down the tunnel and saw another vehicle that was also burned out. The vehicles were boxy and not finely detailed. They did have spaces where windows had been, but the glass was long gone. The body of the vehicle was solid and made of charcoal. I walked on past following a faint light down the length of the tunnel. Actually the entire tunnel system was lit by an invisible source, or at least I had no trouble finding my way. The burned out vehicles seemed important. Trying to remember now, I keep getting flashes that one of the vehicles was not a vehicle at all but an animal, probably an elephant, a dead, burned out elephant.

I walked on down the tunnel into the light, but I began to wake up and to gain control over the dream. Seems I was among people and arguing with someone, but that is all very hazy. After a while I realized that I was awake, that I’d had an important dream, and grabbed my MacBook Air to document it.

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