24 Mar 2011 Encounter in a Church and a Psychic Friendship

1:20 am. I just woke from a dream, which followed on the heels of an Active Imagination session. I hadn’t practiced Active Imagination for some time, but tonight I went to sleep at 9:30 but woke early at 11:30 and thought I would try a session. After entering the Iris of Time, talking to Manto for a while, I found myself in a church. I walked toward the altar of a huge cathedral, walked down the isle between many seats, but before I reached the altar, off to the left, I saw an old man with a long gray beard and dressed in a white robe standing in light from a window by which he stood. I knew immediately that I wished to speak with him, and he is one of the few vivid images that I’ve seen that didn’t disappear immediately. I greeted him and started talking. I told him that I didn’t know exactly what I wanted from him. We conversed for a while, but I don’t remember much of the conversation because much of it seemed to occur within a sort of telepathy. Finally I told him of my concern with what is going on in Japan and that I wished I could do something about it. He told me that that was something with which I should not become involved, that it was something of global significance and that I should not attempt to intervene through psychic space. It involved all of humanity and was in the hands of others.

I then told him of my concern for us here in America, and to this he seemed more receptive, that I might be able to have an impact. It was then that I heard it, an explosion. This didn’t seem to be something that I imagined but something I heard. It was quite loud and dramatic. I was thinking of our nuclear reactors and the spent fuel rods and what we are to do with them, our dependence on nuclear energy. That was when I heard the explosion. I didn’t get an image of what had happened, but my thought or perhaps my fear, was that we had just experienced a terrorist attack at one of our nuclear facilities. I don’t remember much beyond that startling sound. I was in the old man’s presence for a while longer, but I fell to sleep.

When I woke, I immediately remembered a dream. I was lying next to a beautiful young woman: sandy blond hair, long, beautifully shaped. She was naked and had a sheet or thin blanket spread of over the lower portion of her body, but her upper body and breasts were exposed. We were out of doors, possibly on a beach. She was partially asleep, but knew of my presence. She allowed me to touch her, run my hand across her breasts. She then became fully awake, rose, slipped on a one-piece dress that came midway on her thighs, bare armed, and she went to join some friends in a building across the way. Some of my friends then joined me, some of hers also, I believe, and I told them of the beautiful woman whom I woke up beside. Imagine my surprise and pleasure, I said. They laughed at my good fortune.

The scene shifted, and I was once again in the presence of the beautiful young woman. She’d come to me, to tell me that it was okay to tell what had happened between us. My memory of what had happened the evening before started to return. I’d been at a party [or so I imagined] when I ran onto her. We’d started talking and came to realize that we both were into Active Imagination. She seemed to believe that she’d come to know me in there. She had met a man within her own psychic space and had fallen in love with him. When I told her of my own sessions, she became overpower with emotion realizing that this man she loved was me. She seemed to believe that she was the worldly manifestation of Manto, the Pythia at Delphi. We’d left the party together, come to where I’d found myself the next morning, but that night we’d in fact made love together in what she described as a physically beautiful relationship.

After discussing our encounter the night before, we then went from there to my place, of which I can remember no details but a bed, where we made love again. This is nothing to be ashamed of, she said. And I don’t mind you telling any one.

I’m not sure whether the last part of this was a dream or Active Imagination. I know that I naturally fell into an Active Imagination session to extend the dream after I woke and started remembering it, but I believe that I reentered the dream, at least partially and was in fact extending the dream by dreaming.. This was a dream of the real world in psychic space. The dream occurred in the real world within psychic space. It was a dream of two people who had met within psychic space, who practiced Active Imagination in the real world. She knew my age, but was madly in love with me because she had found me in psychic space. It is as if she was my anima and I was her animus. For some reason, she had known that I existed in the real world and had been looking for me there. Now she had found me as an old man, but age didn’t matter to her because of our psychic world relationship.

This was a strange, wonderful dream that was part dream, part Active Imagination. But even during the Active Imagination portion, she seemed totally autonomous. An amazing blend of psychic phenomena.

This is a milestone for me. This is how you practice Active Imagination.

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