Three Dreams

I woke from two dreams separated by an hour or so. In the first, I was in a doctor’s office, maybe a lab, being helped by my doctor’s nurse. I knew her and she was trying to find a way to get lab results to indicate what was wrong with me. Seems I could have some fatal illness, but the test usually run to diagnose this condition was so dangerous that I could die during the procedure. She’d run a different test that might avoid me having to undergo the dangerous procedure, but the results, which I gave to her in a plastic bag, were inconclusive. She was upset and struggling to know what to do next. I had actually been seeing a different physician, who had requested the dangerous test. She had redirected the testing herself.

Then I woke.

I quickly went back to sleep and had the following dream.

I was at work doing something on a computer. Seems I had done something wrong. I couldn’t get an output from some mechanical device. A woman came over to help me, pushed a couple of buttons, opened a little flap at the top of the computer, and it cranked out some results. Seems I had been doing something that I shouldn’t have, some personal business, and the company was going to get a large bill for it. They were not going to be happy with me. I might have to pay for it out of my own pcket.

And then I woke.

The following dream occurred just prior to waking this morning.

I was in a car entering a large park-like area where possibly a county fair was taking place. It was evening and dark within the trees. I turned left along a paved, curbless road at the edge of the park. I stopped before a path to a large home-like building within the park. A group of men further along the road noticed me. Perhaps one of them waved. I started to pull forward to where they were seated at a picnic table, but they frantically wave for me to stay where I was, and go to the building. I had some business to conduct there, what I haven’t a clue.

And then I woke.

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