26 May 2011 A Secret Project Using Active Imagination to Write Fiction

I must admit that I’m working on a secret project. It’s a novel, and I’m using AI to write it. I’m already heavily involved. It’s much different from anything I’ve ever previously written. Highly imaginative. I can’t disclose the project, but I can provide a discussion of what I’m learning.

When you use AI for writing fiction, you should be primed to learn something. You should be in search of something. It could even be an idea for a novel, or short story. Or a screenplay. But you need to go in wanting to explore something. It’s best to familiarize yourself with your story, or at least what you know about it, just before you try AI. Once you get the material using AI, you might notice that it retains some of the characteristics of the Unconscious. Characters seem to have more depth because they came from the Unconscious. It’s easier to expand their character. They seem to retain their autonomy.

When you go into AI, using the pentagon as your guide for thinking about characters provides a framework and a starting point that will lead somewhere. First you should think about the character and his or her arc. That will provide a frame work for seeing inside the character. Each plot point within the character arc helps define the character. You should do this for both the antagonist and protagonist. Remember that the character pentagram is a mandala. Even the story ar pentagon is also a mandala. The pentagon is always a mandala and determines the character’s life course to attempt individuation.

Then you can move on to think about characters in relationship to the person they are in conflict with. Another thing is to let your character grow beyond his or her pentagon. These are the major milestones, but the character is be bigger than just the milestones. And so is your novel bigger than its pentagon.

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