19 Nov 2011 Dreaming an Active Imagination Session

I just woke from a dream. I was visiting some acquaintances, not sure who, but I had a series of encounters where I got my feelings hurt, so I went to  another area where I found my infant daughter. I picked her up and held her. I realized I hadn’t done that in while, and I missed her. She was perhaps six months old. I kissed her and hugged her.

Then the scene shifted, and I was in the same house and still feeling hurt, but now a young oriental woman was there, and she said something that hurt my feelings also. Instead of leaving me alone, she started talking to me about what I was projecting. She said something about what she needed from me. She was quite pretty, slim and rather small. Quite beautiful actually. She seemed to be a dancer, and she made a pose and asked me to interpret its mood. I made a guess, but I was wrong, and she continued to teach me with poses and movement. This young woman kept saying, “What I want from you is to focus just on the movement, the position.” She seemed to be telling me that I was projecting arrogance, which was also the way I was misinterpreting her actions. I still wasn’t getting it right when the dream ended. I woke.

When I thought about the dream, it reminded me of the dance method of doing Active Imagination mentioned in Jung’s writing on the subject (Jung on Active Imagination, page 78 [32]). This seems to be my first dream addressing a real world problem that I’ve been having recently by the use of an Active Imagination technique. I had a psychic teacher. I find that quite interesting.

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