18 Dec 2011 Jung’s Transcendental Function

18 Dec 2011. I continue to be amazed at how consistent the story is that comes to me during Active Imagination sessions. I really feel connected to it while in that state. Also, when I edit and rewrite the material during the day, I can sense the link between the material and that place I go to with in the Iris of Time to get it. It’s connected to my Collective unconscious. I’m convinced that this relates in some way to Jung’s transcendental function, the bridge between Consciousness and the Unconscious. The fact that the material I’m editing also resides in the Unconscious allows me to access that region while editing. It’s not as creative as actually being in an Active Imagination session, but it makes the editing job exciting and productive.

23 Dec 2011. Yesterday afternoon I took a nap. A good long one. When I do that, it frequently means that I can see images when I do Active Imagination. But never have I done it as much as I did last night. I still didn’t have any sound, except in just a couple of cases. Just a few words. But wow! Did I ever see images. And they were spontaneous. I just had to try, and they popped into view. At first it was stationary images, but that wasn’t very satisfying, so I started trying to see dynamic images, and it just happened. At first the images wouldn’t stay around very long. They startled me. And that’s a better word for what happened than scared. Startled is precisely the word. The first stationary images I saw startled me, but then I tried to hang on to them, and found that I could make them stay. I just willed it. It felt like a breakthrough. And I mean that both ways. It was the first time I’ve been able to hold onto them because I willed it, and also the first time I seemed to go deeper into my Unconscious. I believe that I’m getting my Consciousness trained not to be startled, which makes them disappear every time. I believe this is a normal function of Consciousness, to keep the Unconscious at bay, for obvious reasons. Too much from the Unconscious and it can flood reality. Last night I got to where I could watch a scene for quite a while, maybe a minute or two. I still can’t remember a thing I saw in spite of doing this over and over again. Seems like I did it for hours. But that seems to be the nature of the activity. I am seeing thing from the Unconscious, and by definition, we don’t remember what goes on there. You might say that seeing into the Unconscious is an exercise in learning how to not forget. Or possibly, learning how not to ignore the Unconscious. I believe it’s always there twirling like a Dervish. When I first start seeing images, I have to tell my awareness not to ignore and forget the things I’m seeing. This is the first step. But last night, I was much more successful than I have ever been before in getting the images to appear and then holding them while activity took place. Even though I did it over and over again, it seems that no scene repeated. It was all bits and pieces of a vast psychic space of activity. I don’t know where this is leading, but I hope to be able someday to talk to the psychic beings I encounter there. They seem to be benign for now. They don’t seem to tell a story. They don’t seem to be involved in high intrigue or conflict. They are not laden with emotion. As a matter of fact they seem emotionally sterile. They are nothing like a dream, at least not yet.

I still can’t see these images and activities while typing. If I could type, I could take down what is happening, but as yet, that’s just not possible. Of course, the other problem is that the images and experience are so rich that words don’t begin to convey what’s going on. This may be a long and difficult process. I’ve been doing it for one year and eight months. But as they say, the journey is what it’s all about. Not sure this will ever become a finished process. I’m don’t believe I could ever learn everything my mind has to teach me about its processes.

Another thing I’m learning about writing using Active Imagination is that it’s tiring to view the images and also to work so deep into the psyche. This morning I’m really tired, and my eyes feel really strained. Also, after a week or so of high-intensity writing, I have to take a break. I would not say that I develop writer’s block. I just have to do other things to rest my psyche. Plus, the psychic depths seem to recede, and it becomes more difficult to contact the psychic forces with which I’m dealing. Even switching writing projects seems a relief. Now this was also true when I was writing not using Active Imagination, but now these issues seem more pronounced. I’m also in the middle of writing the third volume of The Mysteries, which I’ve abandoned to write this vampire novel, and I took a look at it during the last few days, and I could feel the urge to get back to it. But I can’t let myself get distracted from this vampire novel. I have to finish it as soon as possible. But the point I’m making is that the psychic material for that novel doesn’t seem recessed so far into my psyche right now. And the vampire stuff seems more difficult to get to. I’m mining very deep for this vampire stuff, and I can sense how remote the material. If I let go of it, I might never be able to get it back. Seems that it would spring back like it was on a bungee cord.

I’ve also been neglecting my narrator. I’m developing her as a person and have provided her with a blog and have her on twitter. I’m not visiting with her enough, and I know that she’s beginning to feel like an abandoned child, which of course she is. At least in my story of her life.

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