18 Jan 2013 Two Dreams

I’ve had a couple of significant dreams lately.

The first occurred a few nights ago. I have been resisting writing it down, but this evening the urge got the better of me. It concerned a full-grown male lion. It had been with us for some time, and was now full grown and had to be taken somewhere else. Seems that it was me and my daughter who was still a child of maybe ten or twelve. We had to take the lion somewhere but realized the danger of having it in the car with us. Finally we got the lion in the backseat of the car and drove him into town. Seems we were to drop him off at a zoo or some other facility. While the lion was in the car, I was afraid he would injure one of h us with his sharp claws. When we got into town, I got out of the car to talk to someone about taking him. Then my dream ended.

The second dream was about an old home that I lived in within which I had a lot of old items, some that were left to me and others of my own. An uncle came to the home and was going to destroy it and everything in it by burning it down. I said that I had to get some things out because I wanted to keep them. I had to hurry. I started removing some pieces of furniture and other loose items. My uncle started setting fire to the place while I was moving my things out. Once he started the fire, my dream ended.

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