The Fruits of My Active Imagination

Cover for Carpathian Vampire, When You've Never Known Love

Cover for Carpathian Vampire, When You’ve Never Known Love

Anyone who has frequented this blog realizes that I’ve been practicing Active Imagination for almost three and one half years now. During the last two and one half years, I have been using Active Imagination to contact an entity within my Unconscious to write a novel, vampire novel actually. I decided on a vampire novel because I wished to write something totally different than anything I’d attempted before. The psychic entity is named Lumi Laura, and just recently she has finished her novel. It has been edited during the last few months and is now ready for publication. The publication date has been set by Tragedy’s Workshop at January 1, 2014. However, a sample of the novel, the first 12 chapters out of 52 are now available for free on Smashwords (click here). It’s titled Carpathian Vampire, When You’ve Never Known Love. I would estimate that 95 percent of all the material came from Active Imagination sessions. Obviously, it was edited by me and others to achieve its final form. Check it out if you’re curious. Here’s the purchase information from the publisher:

Lumi Laura’s first novel Carpathian Vampire, When You’ve Never Known Love is now available for pre-release sampling (first 12 chapters FREE) and advanced purchase of the digital version at the introductory price of $2.99. Click Here. The complete novel will be published by Tragedy’s Workshop on January 1, 2014. After publication, the introductory price will be discontinued and the publisher’s suggested retail price for the eBook will be $7.99. A paperback version will be available on following publication for the publisher’s suggest retail price of $13.99. A Kindle version will also be available for $7.99.

During the time Lumi Laura was writing her vampire novel, I was also writing a book on the application of Active Imagination to storytelling. My book will be titled Story Alchemy, The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone of Storytelling. It will be published sometime during the Spring of 2014. You can keep up to date on it here.

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