Latest Inspiration

I’ve been reluctantly editing Story Alchemy again today. After letting it rest for a week or so, I started reading it yesterday, and I found some significant problems, some repeated material, but also a couple of pages of material that didn’t belong in the book. So disappointing. I deleted it.

Afterward, I was talking to my son — seems talking him always leads to inspiration — I realized that a bridge I’d mentioned inside the plot dodecahedron was in fact a representation of Jung’s Transcendent Function. This bridge extends from the Iris of Time to the confluence of bindus inside the dodecahedron, or Imaginarium as I’ve termed it. (Chapter 9 The Land of Story) All the material in Story Alchemy fits much closer together than even I can imagine. I generated the material using Active Imagination, and at times I don’t recognize my own writing. At others, a casual reference to something that seems inconsequential to me turns out to be a major discovery.

I never cease to be amazed at how inspired Jung’s theory of the Unconscious and its relationship to consciousness and thus to creative endeavors really is.

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