23 Apr 2014 The Little Man from Another World

This morning, sometime around 04:00, I was awake during one of my periods of insomnia when I thought I would try a little Active Imagination, just to see if I could conjure anything interesting. This was a spontaneous session without preparation. I went in through the Iris of Time as usual but did not type out the session, which was very short. At first, I saw a couple of pale images, but nothing really impressive. Then, all at once, a little man appeared before me. He was as real as anyone I’ve met in the real world. I stared at him and he stared at me for maybe fifteen seconds, and then he disappeared without a trace. He and the world he inhabited was just simply gone.

He was a little man, perhaps three feet tall, but fully grown. He had a cloak tightly wrapped about him that hung to the ground, light earth tones in color. He had on a tight cylindrical hat, flat on top, and multi-colored, again earth tones but more of a redish cast and possibly intricately woven. His arms were at his sides. I’m less certain of his surroundings than of his person appearance. I believe he was on a walkway, perhaps a sidewalk with a stone embankment at his right. It seemed to be a metropolitan area, quite pleasant and without any weather implications. He was alive, but not active, and seemed to be there specifically for me, for my observation, or perhaps we were observing each other.

He came into my field of view quite suddenly but not as quickly as he and the world he inhabited disappeared. Perhaps the most startling aspect of the entire experience was the stark reality of it. This was a real world experience, but of another world quite different from ours. Whether it is a part of the physical universe, psychic space, or the Divine World, I cannot say. It did, however, seem to be a physical world. Again, this was not a dream image, but a real world encounter with something and someone alien. It was a profound experience, yet so ordinary. I have had several experiences like this in these few years of practicing Active Imagination.

I am intrigued by how different is the state of Active Imagination compared to the normal “thinking” experience of just letting the mind wander or even directing it at a specific subject. Trying to see images is a different mode of seeing and is even different than visualizing the fictional world when I write a story. It seems that we have a mechanism for contacting other “worlds” where for a limited time we have access to a totally alien landscape and its residence. These profound experiences do not last long, and it seems impossible to hang on to them for an extended period of time. I feel fully awake although it is only a visual experience with no auditory component. Perhaps if I listened intently I could locate the sounds that might accompany the images. I have tried speaking to the people I see, but they don’t seem able to hear me either.

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