02 May 2014 Dream of a Dystopian World

03:00 am (?) I just woke from a dream of a dystopian world, a world where civilization and almost all the population were gone. Nothing bad was currently happening. Only a few people were left alive. I can’t remember if we were going anywhere in particular. We were just traveling. We were spending the night in a building close to a freeway. I don’t remember any trees, just roads and the building. The front of the building, toward the freeway, seemed like a large room, perhaps the eating area of a restaurant. I remember that the front wall was mostly glass overlooking the freeway. I also remember bedrooms in the back where the rest of our traveling companions were sleeping. We were getting ready to hit the road again. I wasn’t afraid, although I was concerned about strangers. There wasn’t any traffic to speak of on the freeway. Civilization was gone. What had happened to destroy civilization, I don’t know. It was early morning throughout the dream, the light before dawn.

I don’t know who “we” were. I remember something about my older brother being there, or knowing he was there, but I don’t remember interacting with him. I believe my father was with us, or he came in during the night. I also remember asking if we’d had any visits from other travelers during the night, and he told me that we had three. One of them was apparently still there sleeping in one of the bedrooms. We could have been also traveling with a couple of my aunts and uncles.

Close to the end of the dream, I remember my father saying people were still good to each other, or he didn’t say it but we knew it. He did say that everyone had predicted that people would be fighting and killing each other in such an unstructured world, but it wasn’t that way. I believe we did have guns, but I don’t remember having one myself. It was just the idea of guns that I remember.

I actually don’t remember a time flow of events. It just seemed more like a situational dream. Perhaps it was a longer dream, and I only remembered the end of it. It was mostly a mood dream — the mood of a world without civilization and most of the population gone.

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