14 May 2014 Accessing Vivid Images

This morning about 6:00, I decided to practice a little Active Imagination to use a new procedure. Actually, it’s not that new, but I’d not thought of using this particular technique when I am simply exploring psychic space. I frequently do explore psychic space just to see what is going on there. My purpose during these times is to try to experience some of the incredibly vivid images I’ve seen at certain times in the past. Actually, these aren’t just images. They are live scenes, sometimes with multiple psychic beings populating them.

This “new” procedure is to use an image I’ve already seen in psychic space as a catalyst to get psychic space rolling, or at least my contact with it. I imagined an image, then another one, and then it happened. I could see contrasts in the dark landscape, and I focused on the contrasts, and then the image came into full view. Not all of it was vivid, but some portions of it were. It was a landscape. I saw no inhabitant, but it was a scene possibly of a farm with buildings off in the distance. The landscape was moving off to my left as if I were traveling along a country road in a car. My view remained fixed on the buildings as they moved off to the left, and I tried to move my field of view to the right in the direction in which we were traveling. I was somewhat successful in this effort, but it was difficult. Then the scene stopped moving, and I could no longer move my vision. It was as if my means of locomotion had stopped. It did seem that the landscape became unpopulated. All I could see to the right of the farm were barren fields with shrubs. I’m wondering if this termination of motion was because no one was out there. Could it be that I can only view areas where other psychic consciousnesses, beings, are present? At least that was my first thought and would make some sort of strange sense. Thinking back to my previous experiences, I can’t remember a setting where no one was present. I’ll have to investigate this further.

Anyway, it does seem that priming my imagination with a known image forces my consciousness into the viewing-images mode. From this I hope to develop a method that will reliably produce vivid images and get me more deeply into psychic space quickly. Does seem encouraging. Only time will tell.

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