17 Jun 2010 Voices in the Dark

[I consider the following Active Imagination session a failure. I tried it this morning about 3:30 just after I woke. Reading it over now, I believe it has more content that I thought at the time, but still no cigar on this one. I’m being particularly cautious about “making stuff up” because of my thirty-eight years of writing fiction, and of course narrative non-fiction. Both pull content from the Unconscious. Perhaps I can relax my restrictions as I get more into it.]

Sit up straight and look interested. My soul is getting tried. I might have to take a couple of guys apart. What ever comes, accept it. I hear a faint voice calling. Motion all over in the darkness. Really active. “We’re not allowed to talk,” a voice says. “You can when you’re with me,” I respond. “Who is ‘we’?” They respond, “The kids.” “I want to hear from you. I want to see you,” I say. An adult voice, “That’s not a… A ceremony. We’re done here.” Different voices, pieces of conversations. “…in this together.” I move my arms trying to shake something loose. “It’s not the same,” a voice says. “Come to me.” I say. “Show me. I know you’re out there. Behind the wall of darkness. Across the void. Within Erebos.” Moving my head back and forth. A silhouette of a man’s head. A light moving in a circle. “You can show me more than a swirling light,” I say. “It’s all there,” comes the response. “Why can’t you see it?” “Describe it to me,” I say. “It’s a city. Night. Sparkling lights,” they say. Anoying. I drop a stage deeper into the darkness. Toward sleep. A fight between two men, a fleeting image. Trying too hard. Relax. Let it happen. Just darkness. No definition. Nothing coming across. I lie down. A disturbance. “Thank you,” to someone else. A light moving about, mortifying. It was kidnapping. A fleeting flimpse of a pyramid. “…sleep with her.” Most of the time. Dozzed. A mountain range, a forest. Sjlff sldd;.

And then I ended the session.

[I’ve tried to solve the puzzle of the last two words (Sjlff sldd;). Obviously my fingers were not properly positioned on the keyboard. Still not able to break the code.]

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